Hello, I am Hillary!

My passion in life has always been to lend a hand whenever possible. My last 10 years have been dedicated to volunteering or raising funds for children charities together with my carol choir; beneficiaries have included AIDSUNDKID, SOS Kinderdorf, UNICEF, Terre des Hommes, Smiling Gecko, JederRappenZählt, Tsuerihilft for Syrian Refugees.

The reasons why I am hoping to raise CHF2500 for school shoes are

  • Good shoes are important in the growing years of a child and are often lacking in charity drives.
  • My sister who lost her leg to cancer in her early teens, wrote me early April2016 and mentioned that she is going for the 23-day Everest Base Camp trek this Nov to support the local businesses. She is and has always been an inspiration for me in my work for the less fortunate.
  • I last visited Nepal 17 years ago and miss its special aura and spiritual inclinations.
  • I will be there in person (together with my sister and a volunteer partner!)
  • I believe the children are our future. Mine, Ours, Yours, Theirs, Whoevers.