“Our Everest Base Camp trip for 2016 was delighted to have one special participant taking part. Jing is a Neuroscience Masters student from Canberra who has a passion for adventure. She has taken part in a few bushwalking activities including Cradle Mountain summit the Cinque Terre in Italy and closer to home three times and in recent years
venturing into the world of mountain bike riding. So what? One might say. Well
Jing is an above-knee amputee who lost her right leg at the age of 14 to bone cancer. For many this might have taken their drive away for adventure and outdoor pursuits but with her very supportive family this physical disadvantage was not going to hold her back and in fact brings out her natural zest for life even more.
I met Jing at an information session at Mountain Designs in Canberra early 2015 where she asked me if I would consider taking an amputee to Everest Base Camp
my reply was “sure!” believing that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.
one of our team membershe noticed her slight limp and step-by-step climb when she ascended a staircase at the Buddha Stupa to Rob’s embarrassment…he felt like he had a bad case of foot-in-the-mouth disease. Rob’s glare at me said it all
why didn’t you tell me. This was not the last time Jing had to encounter an ‘interesting’ conversation. During the security checkpoint at Kathmandu domestic airport a guard frisked Jing’s body only to stop at her right leg grabbing hold of the prosthetic leg and asking with a bit of shock
“what is this?!”

I think the security guard was more embarrassed about the whole situation when she realized what it was.
perhaps this comes from being an accomplished cyclist asking is she ok
has she hurt her knee/ankle? And for us to reply


Jing is fine
she doesn’t have a right leg. The look on the enquiring stranger was often jaw-dropping. I think we had to manage a few cases of dislocated jaws lol. After a tough long trek with a few spills and slips we reached Everest Base Camp and Kalapathar together. This was an amazing achievement for all of our team however
Jing really shone as the team’s star with everyone involved feeling very proud of her.
I guess for the accompanying spectator Jing showed no external signs of giving up
although later she talks of internalizing her negative thoughts
publically she hid this well. There was no time in my mind that I doubted her ability to tick the goal off the list. I knew if she could stay mentally strong we would get there and return back to Kathmandu triumphant.
Jing is now toying with the idea to return to the mountains again
perhaps this time completing a mountaineering climb! That for her would be the ultimate challenge. If she had two normal legs that would be one of her top aspirations
without question.”


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