Project Closure with Murphy’s law 

As with Murphy’s law, some things went wrong this day. We experienced ice on road while parking the car, filled with our teas & rewards & cakes & projector & &…the car refused to back up and slided towards the car in front of it. The entire saga was finally resolved with a mat found at tür & tor. Meanwhile, our project runner left her bag by the road and in the midst of rushing to setup our presentation, forgot all about it. We were running behind time and guests were arriving. While tea was being cooked, we frantically dashed out of the little charming room, hoping to see her bag somewhere. A lady nearby asked if we were looking for a bag and mentioned she had left it in the grocery shop just some meters away. I believe in angels and she was definitely one in disguise. The tea was almost burnt, cooking furiously in the pot, but when we started the slideshow, the mood became calmer and the long exchange of information and thoughts flowed for the rest of the afternoon…

The cakes & tea were all gone some 3 hours later, either eaten or packed for our supporters to bring home. Thank you Anna for baking the cakes. Thank you all who came and shared your thoughts about the project. You asked what the next project would be. That would be in 2018, possibly in Nepal again. Till then, take care & enjoy life.

As Oscar Wilde said

“Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not fine it’s not the end.”


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