Before we expose their faces, here’s a thank you to:

Rupesh – We first ‘met’ while sorting out the order for our shoes. He accepted our large order without any pre-payment, only requesting for our homestay contact. He arrived on the day we had planned to distribute the shoes (and socks) with his uncle in their private car, with a van following behind carrying the shoes. Both of them helped us distribute the shoes with his uncle overtaking the feet measuring task, speaking in Nepalese to the children. Due to some mis-measured sizes, he has promised to go a second round to exchange the shoes and bring more for the students who were not present at the shoe-giving day.

Madan – He is running the NGO, FOS (Friends of Sankhu). He helped to bridge the communication with the school, sending us the number of children (and their ages) and many photos (one of which is presented on the blogpage). We met up in person at the school itself.

Dinesh – from VSN (Volunteer Society Nepal). He was our contact person for the children welfare and orphanage. And arranged for us to visit the 2 locations with a staff, Michel to give the shoes (and socks).

Nicky – from 3Sisters Adventure Trekking. She was our first pointer in this project. Her company engages in numerous social projects and when we asked her (besides trekking matters) for advice for the shoe project, she gave us many pointers and patiently answered the numerous questions we had. She put us in touch with Madan who was the local coordinator in Sankhu.

Children of Nepal – we thank them for receiving us so warmly…despite the situation and circumstance they might be facing, we saw only smiles on their faces.




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