Total of 292 shoes given!

On 18th Nov at 0830h, we drove with Rupesh, his uncle and a delivery van to Sankhu, the area hit hardest by the earthquake. We spent about 3 hours at the public school distributing socks and shoes to every child present. No one spoke English, except a teacher there and Madan. The children uttered the 2 known words: Thank you before disappearing off to try their shoes. About 90% of the children had slippers or ill-sized shoes for their feet. We felt a sense of warmth knowing that they might have less cold feet this winter…some kids wore their new shoes immediately!

We headed after that to the children welfare and orphanage, with traffic taking up as long as 2 hours. It was heart-warming to see the children smiling, coming to greet us ‘Namaste!’. The littlest of them recently joined the welfare and we didn’t count her shoes in our initial list. We asked if we could measure her foot and made a new order for her shoes, so all the children would have the same shoes…when we finally departed the orphanage, it was almost 7pm…

We left Nepal today after making a second order of shoes to make up for the children missed out in the initial listing because their feet were too small for the standard shoe sizes. Goldstar agreed to manufacture smaller shoes for these children.

Some photos and further details will follow once we have sorted out the necessary stuff…


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