Journey into Crowdfunding -We made it!

When we started this exactly 30 days ago, it was a big question mark, whether this project would make it or not.

It put many things to test…(I will touch on this another day)…one awkward thought which I will share here…is to put this in the faces of the people we know. How much of an idea or belief should you promote or dig deeper into, and with who and how and and and…

We have been very fortunate in that there are enough of us to believe in this project and finally to reach the target.

We had been in touch currently with the following people for the shoes and the transport

  • Shoe Factory/representative for the pre-order of SHOES. Black for Boys and Blue for Girls.
  • Madan who is looking forward to meet us with SHOES
  • Transport of the shoes to our lovely homestay and then to the school/children welfare/orphanage.

Soon, we will be looking into our coffee and cake session…a doodle link will be sent once the project ends as no email contact is available while the project is still ongoing.

Sometimes, I cannot believe how things in life unfold 🙂

As I wrote an old friend today: Faith is following what you (your heart) want(s) and irregardless of the outcome, a journey you were meant to take…



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