The Humanitarian Business


When I first heard this term, especially the word ‘Business’, it triggered certain extend of discomfort. My support towards humanitarian work, be it in form of funding, time, moral support or even only word of encouragement, I tend to take it with the naivety of a child.

There are numerous risks of charity work, donation might be misused, or the good-intended-deed might bring only very short term assistance or even long term negative consequences, or the cost spent on charity work far outweigh the benefit it brings. Least to say scandal that hide behind the curtain of charity foundation, corruption on the ground or even political deadlock that trade-off humanitarian work … All these, I’m aware.

We live in a world where human equality is too far to reach. Inequality, not only in terms of wealth distribution, but also includes access to clean air and water, clothing, education, safety, all the basic needs that you and me taken for granted. I believe, albeit naively, that  humanitarian work helps to ease the tension, fill in the blank where politics overlook. And to do it right, a business mindset might not be a bad idea. Learn to control budget, build an effective team, maximize benefits and translate investment into substantial outcome…

After all, the result matters, business or not.

P.s. 22 days to reach our Crowdfunding Milestone 🙂 Are you part of it yet ?




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