Everest! here we come?

Mentioned in Sis – My inspiration for this project, my sister sent me an EBC program early Spring this year.

My first thought on it was ‘Let’s do it!’.

I printed out the program, read it a few times. Had huge doubts in my mind, but I tried convincing myself:

‘It’s the extended EBC program for 23 days, means I just have to be in top form, not necssarily tiptop form’

‘There is a 60 year old lady in the group!’

‘My sister is fitter than me, but I might be more agile than her!’

After ‘walking’ through the trek with a climber, I was supposed to train by biking round a lake near me, distance of 20km, 3 times a week and going upwards on altitude climbs over the weekend. I gave myself a month’s time to work out a training program.

Aaargghh…4 weeks passed…fitness chart read : 2x20mins on a crosstrainer.

I called my sister…


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