Why am I part of it?


I’m the partner in crime in the shoo project. Thus far I have not been doing much apart from verbal data gathering and feedback of ‘I LIKE’ for my teammate’s work. Not doing my share guilt-trip me into adding this blog entry. I love the idea of shoe project, reminded me of the inspiring Iranian movie ‘Children of Heaven’ – a story that shows the beauty of sibling’s love over the adventure of a pair of loss shoes. Hillary’s sister Everest Base Camp (EBC) attempt is for me as inspirational. Me, a hiker wanna-be (proven by the wooden poles I’m holding 🙂 finds that EBC is by far too ambitious for someone like me. Thus, I’ll pick an easier hike, around the poon hill area.
Nepal is a special land. In face of natural disasters, be it the avalanche or the earthquake, it managed to stay composed. Despite the tremendous amount of loss life and property, the Nepalese shows a sense of calmness and remain hospitable to welcome the world. But the world, in the contrary, is shaken up. Tourism has been declining and consequently, the whole ecological chain, from hotel, tour provider, hiking guides to restaurant have all been negatively impacted. With the shoe project, we aim to show solidarity that the world has not forgotten Nepal. We’re eager to learn the story of the home-grown shoe brand Goldstar, the stories of the children as well as to discover the adventure of this crowdfunding project with loads of fun. That’s why I’m in, how about you? 🙂

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