Sis – My inspiration for this project

I know it’s an odd way to introduce my sister.

There are many things about my sister that you should know. For one, she bikes up the hill (with one leg) where I live, faster than me and in a most graceful and effortless manner. I would appear some (too many) minutes later at the top, panting like an old cow.

She has always been an inspiration for me. She lost her leg to cancer when she was 14. Being a person who loves sport, this was a huge hurdle to overcome. I remember after a long recovery break, coming home with her new prosthetic leg, the first thing we wanted to try was to get back on her bicycle. It didn’t work out too well, in fact, it didn’t work out at all. The new leg could only bend 90degrees…

Fast forwarding to now, she is a one-legged cycling-enthusiast. 2 years ago, she came to Europe for some races, all self-funded, and made silver in the World-Cup. She has taught me…never give up on your hopes, dreams, things you want to do…now is the time and the time is right…



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